Promoting Positive Mental Health  - "An oasis away from the hustle and bustle"

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Gardening Club

Our club takes place every Friday from 2-4:30. It is fun, friendly, inclusive and you have a chance to learn about gardening.

The aim is to promote well-being through gardening.  We offer a safe, peaceful and caring space where people can participate at their own pace, learn new skills and make new friends.

The group is led by qualified horticultural therapists who are always on hand to offer their support if needed.

The park has a number of outstanding features including a wildlife area, summer meadow and pond.

Participants are able to enjoy the home-grown produce and of course there’s a welcoming tea and biscuits!

Garden Museum Learning Dept - "Fantastic, love what you are doing in Archbishops Park, love walking past the space too - its beautiful"

What participants say about us...

I don't get out and about very much and this club provides the social element I need.

The most valuable part of the project has been meeting others and working together.

I've enjoyed being in the open air.

Meeting people at first was very hard. And I get a lot of anxiety about this as I don't know what to say to people. But once I got to know people it was different. I was able to have conversations once I got over that barrier.

I feel valued. I don't like to be a nomad. I feel comfortable here.

Tea and gardening - it's a great combination!

Winning the RHS award was very encouraging. I was very pleased to be part of that.

Going to Family Gardening Club on Fridays is one of Nora and I's favourite things to do.

We don't have a garden at home so its lovey to come here and Nora can water the plants and eat all the delicious fruit and vegetables!  Bridget and Frances come up with new actives every week and we've really enjoyed making bird feeders, planting seeds and making bath teas with Lavender

Amber and I love coming to the gardening group - a little oasis in this very urban part of London.  So great for the children to expereince a garden and growing and eating all the delicious vegetables!  It's a very well run and relaxed group- I keep telling everyone about it