Arthur’s Oak Bower

Our bower (or place of repose) was designed and hand-carved by Arthur de Mowbray. The roof is red cedar and the seats and supports carved from a single oak tree. The red cedar is from Cowdrey Park Estate in Sussex, a sustainable FSC approved source. The oak tree is from Hammerwood Park, East Grinstead, a stately home owned in the 1970’s by rock band Led Zepplin and designed in 1792 by British architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

Arthur chose red cedar as it is durable, pliable and light-weight, in the past English carpenters would have used the indigenous chestnut tree. Red cedar originates from the western seaboard of the USA and Canada, where Native American tribes used it for totem poles and dug outs canoes, part of Arthur’s inspiration for the design.

As Arthur was making this, passers-by commented:
"Can we hire it for events and wedding photos?"
"The smell of the cedar wood reminds me of Jamaica."
"Will it have windows?"
"Will it be ready tomorrow?"